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Join “one of the hottest startups in Europe”. – Wired Magazine

Greenclouds is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Europe [The Next Web] and, perhaps even more important, also one of the most innovative companies in the world [Red Herring].

We believe that the enormous over-dimensioning and inefficiency of IT resources worldwide [6-12% used] is the result of IT “silo thinking -and behavior”. An interconnected, integrated and interoperable network of clouds will result in a highly efficient, effective and sustainable IT usage. Everybody wins.

Greenclouds started to aggregate idle IT capacity, regardless of the underlying technology, infrastructure and location and integrated this into an uniform cloud. Making this cloud available our customers, resulted in a higher (energy) efficiency and a triple-win solution.

Every day, we are committed to extend this function-rich cloud, and we know that people like will make the difference. We are growing fast, so we need you, to be part of the next revolution in IT. Giving you the opportunity to begin the next chapter in your career, as an “interoperability” pioneer.


Work in one of the Top10 Cities in the World

Greenclouds is based in the heart and city centre of Rotterdam, according to the New York Times, one of the coolest cities in the World. Rotterdam is a city of many faces: a tough port city, a trendy nightlife city, a sophisticated shopping city, and a hip artistic city.

Above all, Rotterdam is the architecture city that stimulates innovation. The Greenclouds working culture is clearly a mixture what Rotterdam is all about; Working hard like dockworkers, playing hard in one of the most vibrant cities in the world and driving innovation.

Your New Chapter Starts Here

You will become part of a selective group of highly skilled people in an innovative and international R&D team. Working on the next big thing in cloud computing; realizing interoperability. You will be building the largest cloud -and most function-richest cloud of the world.

The complexity is immense, so we only need the best and brightest individuals to join our team. If you have experience building enterprise-grade software technology, in-depth Java expertise and enjoy challenges….

Your new chapter starts here...

Network DevOps Engineer

Greenclouds is seeking a talented and experienced DevOps Engineer for its operation team. Are you looking for the ultimate challenge of your career, and do you want to be part of a dream team where you can use your knowledge to develop an award-winning cloud solution?


Infrastructure DevOps Engineer

Greenclouds is seeking a talented and experienced DevOps Engineer for its operation team. You will spend most of your time performing infrastructure architecture design and implementation of our cloud computing solution, as well as implementing these designs.


Experienced QA Engineer

As a talented and experienced QA Automation Engineer, you will spend most of your time designing, developing and maintaining a suite of automated tests for the cloud computing solution as well as running them and analyzing the results.


Senior Software Engineer

You will act as Scrum Master for the integration development team, which ensures the overall proper functioning of the system by incorporating new functionalities developed by other development teams and resolution of issues reported from operations team.